Saturday, August 22, 2009

18 things to buy.

Here's a list of 18 things I am pretty certain I will buy in the future, if I can afford it. It totals to about $1009 after taxes.

1. Demon's Souls Collector's Edition w/ Soundtrack CD (PS3 - ) $50

The uniqueness of this action RPG, and it's multiplayer especially, is what's got me interested. While it's a single player focused game, the game has an interesting semi-multiplayer system going on alongside it. You can leave hints for other players on how to advance. And upon death, you can travel to another player's game in attempt to regain your life by either killing them or helping them defeat a boss.

The high amount of difficulty of the game also interests me. It's like it's challenging me. I must accept this challenge. lol :-P

2. Lost Planet 2 (360) $60

Played the LP2 demo on Xbox Live a few days ago and had fun with it. I thought the first game was certainly worth my buy it-complete it-then sell it routine, so I think I'll get enough fun from this one, too. LP2 has 4 player co-op throughout the entire game, and some of the new VS units (robot suits) in the game allow 3 people to man a single unit, which is cool. One guy pilots and shoots some small guns, while the other two players can hop on and act as heavy machine gunners. The texture graphics in the demo of LP2 seem to be less refined than its predecessor, though. Hopefully that's just a demo issue.

3. Batman: Arkham Asylum (PS3) $60

The greatest comic book game yet, the reviewers are saying, and some are saying it's the best game of the year, too. While the game is full of solid Metroid-style exploring and backtracking, as well as solid combat and stealth gameplay mechanics, one of my favorite aspects of the game is the voice acting cast. They're all from the Batman Animated Series show. I love Mark Hamill's Joker work (he's Luke Skywalker if ya didn't know), as well as the voice actress who does the voice of Harley Quinn.

It's great to see that Batman is being done right finally :)

4. Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker (PSP) $40

I love this trailer! There's so many fun and interesting new co-op ideas going on here.
I hope the game controls well though. The PSP's lack of a second joystick seems like it will cause problems for the control scheme that has been borrowed from MGS4.

I also hope there's Internet multiplayer (as Portable Ops had). Otherwise I'll never get to play co-op with anyone, as no one I know has a PSP. I'm also hoping Kojima lets the players choose from 3 other characters, instead of all 4 players being identical copies of Big Boss. It just seems... odd.

Finally, I'd love it if the game introduced a playable character that played radically different from how Snake does. If not, this will be the sixth game featuring Snake's core gameplay behavior. It'd be nice if more options were available.

5. Metal Gear Solid: Rising (PS3) $60

This game features Raiden as the main character and will release on both PS3 and 360. Hopefully Raiden will actually play like how he behaved in MGS4.

If this game has solid multiplayer, I might have to get this for the 360 instead. The PS3's online multiplay just isn't too hot. Free or not.

6. Diablo III (PC) $50

I really enjoyed Diablo 2, although never to the extent that so many others did. I simply didn't understand the purpose of playing the game after completing the campaign and experiencing all the classes and their skills. I feel like it's my duty to play this game through, though. Hopefully I can sell it after I'm done. But these days, many online PC games link their CD keys to your email account, thus preventing resale. I hate that.

7. Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty (PC) $50

I never got into Starcraft 1, and didn't even realize how immensely popular it was until I started seeing massive message threads about Starcraft 2. I've been more of a Warcraft 3 player, but I've always loved Starcraft's style, so I'll have to try Starcraft 2. I hope the game comes out well. I'm concerned that its' lead designer, who was formerly working for the Command and Conquer franchise, is not up to RTS par. Plus I may simply revert to Company of Heroes playing, as I like that game's up close and personal tactical feel that Starcraft doesn't seem to have.

8. Gundam Senki (PS3) $80

I'm really excited for this game. Or, I would be if it was going to be understandable to non-Japanese speakers such as myself. Instead, the game features a great deal of story/plot elements, with great looking animated cutscenes, and some Japanese text heavy robot customization menus. The online multiplayer is also a rare thing to see for a Gundam game, too.
I'll still probably import this at it's ridiculously high price.

I just don't get Bandai Namco. They're in the process of porting the flight combat Sky Crawlers game to the US Wii, despite the game failing miserably in Japan, and also being the game tie-in for an animated movie that no one in America has seen. Meanwhile, Gundam games, some of which are quite good, are not coming Stateside. It makes little sense to me since all three of the major action summer films in the US featured either large robots or mechanized power suits (Transformers 2, GI Joe, and District 9). There's obviously a lot of interest in robot destruction in the US pop culture these days, and James Cameron's upcoming Avatar film will only add more to it. I think Bandai needs to capitalize on this and bring this Gundam Senki game over here. The game's story also appears very self-contained, so people totally ignorant of Gundam lore should be able to hop into the game with no probs.

9. Heavy Rain (PS3) $60

I thought Indigo Prophecy, the developer's previous game, was very entertaining, so I'm looking forward to this one. It seems like Indigo's "interactive movie"-type gameplay will be here too.

10. Mass Effect 2 (PC) $50

Bioware's writing is top notch, but their gameplay is always piss-poor. I thought Mass Effect 1's combat was tolerable though. I loved the story and pace of the game (besides those dumb Mako driving segments), and really got absorbed into the universe. I finished this game within 2 days of getting it. I was that hooked.

11. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 (PS3) $60

I love ninjas, so I would've gotten this for the 360 by now, but the reviews weren't too hot. Hopefully those things will be rectified for Sigma 2, which will also have a new online co-op side mission mode.

12. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (PS3) $60

The game press buzz about Uncharted 2 is through the roof. I've heard from various gaming press people that Uncharted 2 is "the best looking game" they've ever seen, and most of them seem to really dig the stories and characters of the Uncharted series. I haven't tried Uncharted 1 yet, so I'll have to rent that somewhere before Uncharted 2 comes out. I wonder if the multiplayer co-op and versus are cool. If so, I might actually keep Uncharted 2 after finishing it!

13. Star Wars: The Old Republic (PC) ~$120

I put ~$120 here because I will probably get this game as soon as it comes out, then plop down a few months of subscription fees in order to complete the game's multiple storylines. The graphics look too cartoony, too WOW-ish, for a Bioware game though. And the gameplay, so far, looks like uninspired, derivative MMORPG genre fluff :( Still, it will be good to be back together with an Old Republic game.

14. God of War III (PS3) $60

I believe I played through the first God of War, and thought it was fun, despite its forgettable story. I didn't get far in God of War 2 for some reason, and gave up on the PSP God of War at some point, too. Still, I enjoy these games and will probably get #3 for a quick play through. It doesn't seem like the game will feature an online ladderboard/high score game mode though, like Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 likely will. So I'll prolly sell this on Ebay after I'm done ;-P

I gotta say the trailers don't leave me too impressed thus far. They just have Kratos violently killing stuff like he always does. And the fact that the developer of GOW 1 and 2 is not working on this game is cause for some concern.

15. Darksiders (PS3) $60

Yet another God of War/Ninja Gaiden-style game. I really like the art style of the game for some reason. It reminds me of World of Warcraft. Hopefully the gameplay is strong. This will probably be a buy-then-sell game for me.

16. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (PC) $50

I feel somehow obligated to buy this one. Like it's my duty (pun!). I enjoyed Call of Duty 4, but I didn't understand why it became such a smash hit. The multiplayer was extremely addicting, but I'm not sure if that's a good thing. I feel like I'm getting too old and sluggish for the Call of Duty games nowadays. It's extremely fast paced, with a shootout occuring every few seconds. The levels are so small, compact, and deathmatchy that you're constantly running into a conflict everywhere you go. I think I prefer the more wide open battlefields of the Battlefield games, or the more methodical combat of the Rainbow Six games. If only Battlefield didn't take this Bad Company route, and Rainbow Six wasn't so ugly. :-P

I'm looking forward to the co-op score challenge mode though. And I even kinda want that special edition Night Vision Goggles bundle. Haha.

I recently bought a Auzentech Mystique soundcard for my PC, so that I can hook up my PC to my TV sound system with discrete 5.1 channels. So now I can go back to playing FPS games on my PC, where I should've always been doing that. Ah.. mouse and keyboard combo. Why did I leave you?

17. The Beatles: Rock Band (360) $20

I've never been a fan of the Beatles, but maybe this game will make me a fan. Besides, my girl knows the lyrics of all these songs and should enjoy this. And I love playing the drums :)

18. MAG (PS3) $60

Graphics don't look too hot, but the gameplay looks fantastic. Looks like Battlefield 2 but with a decent facelift. I'm bummed out that there will be no controllable aircraft though. I really want to see how the 256 player capability plays out. Will there be portions of the map where the majority of those players are in the same area, and you see 200+ tracer streams flying about the area? If so, that could be pretty incredible.

PS3 users will need to get their mics up and running for this game to be all that it can be. I wish Sony had simply bundled a cheap USB headset with the system, because right now, people are using a variety of Bluetooth headsets with the PS3, and 90% of them don't seem to be more than barely compatible.

19. Nissan LEAF (Leading, Environmentally Friendly, Affordable, Family Car) ~$25,000

Ah, I probably don't need to get this. lol. I suppose the idea of having a car named LEAF amused me. Plus driving around all day without guzzling any gas just has that sci-fi feel to it

But if I did buy it... I'd need $26,000 by the end of 2010 to cover all these items.

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