Saturday, August 15, 2009

X-men Origins Wolverine

After getting to the 30 or 40% mark in X-men Origins: Wolverine.... I uninstalled it. Such a repetitive game. I'll let this Gamespot forum poster, purerage34, sum up the game.

"I just want to warn people before they sink their hard-earned cash into buying this game as the reviews i read tended to be more positive than I think the game warrants.

This game is like Marvel: Ultimate Alliance except that there is only one character - wolverine, there is less unlockables and items to find, and there is no multiplayer.

Every stage is the same -> see an enemy, lunge to him, button mash for a few seconds, see next enemy, lunge to him, button mash for a few seconds, see next get the picture

Every boss is the same -> wait for boss to swing at you, miss, and be dazed for a few seconds, jump on his back and slash away until he knocks you off, rinse and repeat.

It is by no means the worst game i've ever played, but I wouldn't recommend spending money on it."

This game gets a 5/10 from me. Blech! If only the game was shorter, then the repetitive gameplay might be tolerable. But they really drag out the game (over the course of a 10 hour game reportedly), despite it's gameplay horse having been beat to death long ago. Like.. in the first 10 minutes.

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