Sunday, September 27, 2009

Blazing Angels 2

Just completed Blazing Angels 2 for the 360. It's an arcade flight WW2 game, kinda like Crimson Skies but not quite as polished.

-Large plane selection
-Lots of interesting mission objectives (flying through tunnels, blowing up air balloons to clear a path, detonating sea mines in order to damage an underwater submarine...)
-Interesting defensive weapons to take out enemies behind you (flash blinders, tesla coils, anti-engine smoke...)

-primary machine guns are nearly useless. 99% of the game is fought with special attacks like rockets or missiles
-distracting "air particle" graphic effect that is supposed to give you a sense of speed but mostly just dirties up the graphics
-can't move the camera around manually
-the windows in the cockpit views are all dirtied up for a "grungy" look, but it just takes away from the look of the game. Not being able to change from third-person to first-person view on the fly sucks too (gotta go into options to do it)
-planes will automatically level themselves out, making Simulation control scheme crappy

Rating: 6/10

Bought it for $12 total so I'm pretty satisfied with it. Online multiplayer sucks, but at least there's split-screen co-op.

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